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Delano High School Basketball Player Recovering After Collapsing During Practice

DELANO, Minn. (WCCO) -- Jaren Longstreet, 14, has played basketball for years. When he missed a pass at practice Friday night, his friend and teammate Jake Schultz knew something was off.

"It just went right by him and then he kind of started backpedaling and collapsed," Schultz said.

The boys' coach ran to check on Longstreet. He was conscious for a moment.

Jaren Longstreet
Jaren Longstreet (credit: CBS)

"He just said everything went purple and he went back out and our coach said, 'Yeah, he's like, labored breathing. You guys need to call 911 now,'" Schultz said.

One of the boys called 911, while the rest ran outside where parents were waiting to pick up their kids from practice.

"We had another student whose dad was in the parking lot who is a firefighter," Delano High School activities administrator Ryan Tool said.

That parent immediately started chest compressions on Longstreet, and asked if anyone knew where to find an AED. Schultz remembered.

"I used to walk by it all the time when I went to the intermediate school to go to the gym," he said.

Schultz ran to the hallway to grab the AED, and brought it back to the parent who used it on Longstreet before the ambulance arrived. He had a pulse before leaving for the hospital.

Longstreet's parents, who both work at the school, told district officials they are incredibly grateful for the quick thinking of all who were there that night.

"I think everyone here will have a much greater sense of when they walk into a building locating where that AED is at," Tool said.

Longstreet was in the hospital as of Monday, along with his family. Doctors will be running tests to try to figure out what happened. He did not have any previously known health conditions.

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