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DeBlog: Should We Take The Bible Literally?

By Jason DeRusha, WCCO-TV

With it being Holy Week, we thought tonight would be a good time to do a story about whether we should take the Bible literally. I know tonight's story is going to get a lot of commentary from viewers, so I wanted to open the discussion here on the blog.

After I mentioned the topic on Twitter, I got reactions like:

"People get into trouble when the whole thing is taken literally."
"You're getting hate mail on this one."
"Damn right it should be taken literally, but debated on GQ? Just be careful."
"That's a horrible question! that's like asking is God real. Obviously people who don't believe in God will say no and vice versa."

The theologian from Bethel University told me it's a great question, and one historians, theologians and scientists have been working on for centuries. So what do you think? If you want to record a video with your thoughts, go for it! And email me before 8pm if you want it to get in the story."

Comment away!


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