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Dave Chappelle Pays Tribute To Prince: 'A Musical Giant'

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Dave Chappelle arguably turned out one of the most memorable comedy sketches to ever center around Prince.

In a 2004 episode of his Comedy Central show, Chappelle portrayed the iconic musician in one of "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories."

Playing Prince at the height of his post-"Purple Rain" fame, Chappelle's skit finds Murphy (brother of Eddie) reminiscing about the time he and his friends played a match of basketball against Prince and the Revolution.

WCCO's Reg Chapman, who is personal friends with Chappelle, reached out for comment following Prince's death at Paisley Park Thursday morning. Here's the statement Chappelle delivered:

"As a city, they exported a musical giant. It says a lot about them that at the height of his fame he chose to stay in Minneapolis. His admirers are a community that spans the globe. His legacy is an immense offering of music, love and laughter. And a fight for fairness to artist. Nothing of this world will begin to fill the void of his absence except his memory. Scientifically a memory is almost neurologically identical to an experience. So remember your loved ones often. Forget their faults and remember the best of what they made you feel. In that way ... all of us are immortal gifts to one another that keeps on giving."

If you haven't seen it in a while, treat yourself to a viewing of Chappelle's impersonation here.

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