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Cub Foods, People Serving People Giving Out 2,000 Thanksgiving Meals

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Thanks to the Minneapolis-based food giant Cub Foods and the People Serving People (PSP) in downtown, 2,000 needy families will have a traditional thanksgiving meal.

Brian Audette, President of Cub Foods, says it's done with love and dignity since the recipients take the food home and cook it up for their families in their own familiar surroundings.

It's no free for all. The families have been all pre-selected by the PSP shelter and have received vouchers each good for their meals.

Audette calls it the second annual "Unity in the Community" event.

"The families pick up the turkey and the trimmings and they'll be able to take that home. It involves 2,000 people who get vouchers from the PSP shelter, so everyone is guaranteed a meal," said Audette.

Daniella from Chicago is one of those who benefits, not only with the free meals for her six children, but the PSP mission to move its clients from homeless to householder swiftly and easily.

"I came here when in 2009, they put me in temporary housing, then I got a job. Now, I am in my own place and pay my own bills, my own rent, everything is fine," she said, anxious to get home and cook her meal.

Olivia from Minneapolis says she also has benefited from the PSP mission and its creed to break the cycle of homelessness.

"Well, I will try to cook this meal. But just knowing someone cares is great. I am very grateful for them," she said.

Audette says he looking forward to next year's meal giveaway.

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