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Police Warn About Uptick In Package Theft From Homes During Holidays

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- With more of us shopping online this holiday season, it's time to start thinking about how to keep your packages safe from thieves.

Minneapolis police say there is an uptick in package thefts around this time every year.

Natalee Fadden has been anxiously planning and shopping for the arrival of her first baby.

"Cyber Monday I ordered from Target a beautiful crib that I had been saving all of our gift cards to get," Fadden said.

She was at home on the delivery day when the crib was dropped off but because there was no knock at the door or door bell, she didn't know how it had arrived.
Later on that night, she checked her home security footage.

"I can't believe that somebody would steal a crib," Fadden said.

In less than an hour, a thief grabbed the 70-lb. box and quickly waddled with it back to his car before driving away.

"He just looked like he was on a mission to take the package and go," Fadden said. "He was smart enough to keep his head down and he was bundled up so you can't see his face."

Fadden posted to a Facebook neighborhood group venting about what happened, but she didn't expect the response from people wanting to help.

"Single moms in the neighborhood who were like, 'I have a leftover crib,' or 'let's see what we can all do to pitch in together,'" Fadden said.

Fadden says she's hoping the crib can be replaced after filing a report with both Target and UPS. Even though she used a security camera, she says she isn't taking any chances at her home.

"Everything is being delivered to my mother-in-law from this point forward," she said.

The crib thief has not been caught.

To prevent being a victim of package theft, experts recommend requiring a signature when your package is delivered, coordinating with a neighbor if you aren't going to be home or having a package delivered to the office.

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