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Crews clear out another Minneapolis homeless encampment, near I-94

Another homeless encampment cleared in Minneapolis
Another homeless encampment cleared in Minneapolis 00:18

MINNEAPOLIS -- Crews have removed another homeless encampment, a move taken as scrutiny on the city's policies of vacating encampments continues to increase.

On Wednesday morning, crews evicted people from an encampment in Minneapolis.

Tents were cleared away from the area where people were living along Cedar Avenue south of Interstate 94.

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The property cleared out was owned by the Minnesota Department of Transportation. The agency issued the following statement:

"Today MnDOT cleared portions of an encampment at Cedar and I-94. This encampment was located next to a day care center and had begun blocking sidewalk access, creating significant safety concerns for children and pedestrians in the area.

"For several weeks prior to the clearing, MnDOT coordinated with local partners to offer outreach services to people experiencing homelessness in this area. Additionally, MnDOT has offered secure storage options for people's essential possessions."

It is currently illegal to set up and live in a tent or temporary shelter in the city of Minneapolis.

The City Attorney's office says, "The City Council has the power to amend or repeal the city ordinance that currently prohibits the erection of temporary shelter through the legislative process."

The Minneapolis City Council recently considered a pause on forcibly removing unhoused encampments, but the measure failed in a vote after the city attorney said it wasn't within the council's authority. The measure failed 5-8 in a vote.

Earlier in October, city staff and Minneapolis police forcefully cleared three encampments in one day. Shortly after, activists spent several nights sleeping outside city hall calling for a pause on the process.

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