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MN Couple Takes Engagement Photos At St. Louis Park Costco

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A Minnesota couple took viral engagement photos to the next level when they declared their love for each other at Costco.

Karinne Tarshish and Dan Klamet took a series of engagement photos at the St. Louis Park Costco.

The couple's shots show them perusing the isles together, picking out hams and pies and sharing a hot dog.

Tarshish and Klamet Engagement Photo At Costco
(credit: Emmerlee Photography/ Karinne Tarshish and Dan Klamet)

On Reddit, Tarshish said they took the photos because they both really like Costco.

"I didn't like the idea of having regular engagement pics (or really any, but our photographer offered to do it for free," Tarshish wrote on Reddit.

She said instead of taking photos of mundane things, she wanted to "romanticize the mundane."

Tarshish told commenters they did get a few regular photos as well, just in case these didn't turn out.

All of the photos can be seen here.

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