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Coronavirus In Minnesota: Life Goes On For Caledonia Residents Despite Self-Quarantine

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Across the state, people continue to adapt to a life in self-quarantine. That includes Houston County in the southeastern-most part of the state.

"They are concerned, yes. I would say they are. But life goes on too," said Dianne Schuldt of Caledonia.

An early spring near scenic is being enjoyed in near seclusion for some people -- worried about getting too close to their neighbors.

"You don't have to spread any germs any place you can do your own thing," said Schuldt.

For Schuldt, that means more time on the farm -- as she thinks about touching up her barn quilt art, and planning for a party this summer.

"The barn here will be 100-years old in July. I really should have a party, so this Covid business has to be done. I'm hoping it is,"said Schuldt.

Schuldt and many like her feel somewhat fortunate that there's plenty to do around their own homes, but that doesn't stop them from worrying about others.

"We have a daughter, she's 26, she lives with us. She's a nurse in La Crosse. She sees things, worries about them in the medical field," said Patty Schieber of Caledonia.

For people like Eric Cordes, not much has changed. He runs an antique store in downtown Caledonia and he's used to working by himself. And now, he's seeing the value in it.

"Some days I wouldn't even know. It's pretty nice. I get to work by myself and discipline myself each day," said Cordes.

Farmers near Caledonia say they too feel lucky they are able to do work while in self quarantine.


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