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Coronavirus In Minnesota: Hanisch Bakery In Red Wing Making Free Cakes For Graduating Seniors

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A bakery in Red Wing is serving up a gesture of good will that's spreading across the region.

Many people in the town of Red Wing use a trip to Hanisch Bakery as a way to cope with their new normal. Now, Bill Hanisch is baking a cake for each graduating senior at Red Wing High School.

"I've always found in my life that bakery items tend to make people happy," he said.

Hanisch says he wanted to find a way to bring happiness into the lives of the class of 2020.

"A lot of them are not going to get graduation parties. They aren't going to get celebrations like most of us did, so I just figured a simple small gesture of seven-inch cake was the way to do it,"Hanisch said.

For senior Isaac Judd, COVID-19 took the joy out of his senior year, but it's his mother Kara who is happy to have cake.

"He is my first child graduating, and I was expecting all the ceremony and everything. I was looking forward to it, and the cake is a way we can celebrate at home," Kara Judd said.

Once word got out on social media that Hanisch Bakery was honoring it's seniors, other towns wanted their seniors honored as well. Five other communities are also requesting cakes.

"Cannon Falls, Lake City," Hanisch said. "From anywhere from 15 graduates to 250 graduates."

Hanisch say at least 10 schools will use these cakes as a way to celebrate the class of 2020.

"It's awesome to see the people stop by and support them, local towns and the kids," Hanisch said.

While people continue to stop by to support the bakery, other communities are stepping up with donations so their kids are not left out. For this businessman, there is only one thing that matters.

"To me, it's not about dollar signs," Hanisch said. "(It's) to put a smile on their faces."

If you would like to help honor a 2020 graduate, click here to donate to make sure each senior gets a cake.

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