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Coronavirus in Minnesota: Churches Across Minnesota Ring Bells For Unity

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Churches across Minnesota and the country are being invited to ring their bells to show solidarity in the pandemic.

Bells rang at many churches throughout the state on Monday at noon.

This idea is being promoted by the nonprofit organization City of Bells. They are based in Minnesota but work with organizations throughout the country.

"It's an incredible rich history, it isn't just Europe that has bells," City of Bells founder Rebecca Jorgenson Sundquist said.

Paul Revere rang church bells to signal the invasion of the British military at the beginning of the American Revolution.

In modern times, bells have commemorated 9/11 each year, as well as happier times like weddings.

One of those churches participating is Westminster Presbyterian in Minneapolis. That Church has the largest bell, called the bourdon, in the state.

Westminster Presbyterian senior pastor Tim Hart-Andersen said they tested the bells a couple of weeks ago and people were moved by the sound.

"The sound of our bells and bells across the cities will remind our citizens and most who are isolated in homes that we are one community," pastor Hart-Andersen said. "We've lost that sense of community, but we can hear sounds that our neighbors hear."

The churches plan to ring the bells every day at noon until July 4th.

City of Bells is also asking the state to ring the Liberty Bell on Independence Day.

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