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Corner Store Brings Nutrition, Cooking Tips To The North Side

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- It's the first of its kind in a long time in north Minneapolis.

Skyline Market is the first corner store owned and operated by African Americans in north Minneapolis in 25 years. The store is separating itself from others by offering healthy choices with fresh fruits and vegetables. It also provides cooking tips for parents shopping on a budget.

Bill English, one of the store's owners, is proud of the store he operates; it sits on the corner of Glenwood and Morgan avenues.

"We wanted to create an environment that people would feel comfortable in, that we would introduce healthy foods," English said.

He says most people in the neighborhood would have to walk three miles for fresh produce.

English's wife, Freddie Davis-English, is spearheading the effort to teach families how to cook healthy on a budget.

"I'm concerned about the obesity and the fact that many of the foods that you can acquire in this neighborhood are sugar and sodium based," she said.

She said the shop will feature a meal, showing customers which items to buy and how cook it on a $5 budget.

Her philosophy is: "Make a meal, simple, fast and nutritious, so that it might catch on."

But Skyline Market is more than just a place to shop.

"When you come in here, like, they show you love, like, they're friendly: their main purpose isn't just to make money, it's to help the community in multiple different ways," said James Baker, a customer.

He added: "They have healthy foods and they want to teach young kids how to talk to adults and how to act right."

Skyline Market's employees live in the community, and skilled craftsmen from the north side made the shop look nice. New refrigerators and coolers help round out the store's fresh, new look and the new direction it hopes to set for the north side community.

Skyline Market is open seven days a week.

English's partners are the late Dr. John Williams, who named the store, and James Baker, who also owns the Sunnyside cafe next door.

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