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Corn Roast Workers Blow Off Steam By Dancing

FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. (WCCO) -- The Minnesota State Fair is starting to wind down, but there are some who still have lots of hard work ahead of them.

For the workers in the Corn Roast booth, who spend all day in the heat, shucking corn and dipping it in butter, they need to do something to blow off steam.

After the fireworks go off at the Grandstand, a handful of young workers climb the corn roaster and dance.

"Years ago we had an individual who was a saxophone player, and he used to play after the fireworks every night," Corn Roast owner Brad Ribar said. "People started liking it, and then he retired. And we started dancing."

Ribar's daughter copied a dance routine from YouTube, and she leads others in a dance every night.

"It's kind of a pressure-release at the end of the day," Ribar said. "They work really hard here, and it's a time to let loose a little bit before the corn truck comes."


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