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CorePower Yoga Creates New Class For Beginners

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – If you don't know your warrior pose from your downward dog or your Sun Salutation from your Namaste, a new class may be just right for you.

Yoga studio CorePower Yoga created a new class specifically designed for people who are intimidated by yoga.

"Our biggest focus for the New Year is that we want to hit home that yoga is for everyone," Caroline Klohs, Public Relations and Events Manager for CorePower Yoga in Minnesota, said.

Starting on Jan. 8 at 2 p.m., CorePower in Edina, Woodbury, Maple Grove and Apple Valley will launch "CorePower Yoga Basics: CB." It's a class the focuses on the basics of yoga. The class will meet every Sunday.

"We really want to squash all those fears. We want you to feel welcome," Klohs said. "We'll bring you through everything: what to wear, meet your instructor. [We want you to] just come in here and be confident and know you're doing something really good for your body."

Yoga has a number of poses, asanas and phrases that newcomers don't know, and Klohs said they're trying to break down barriers and get more people involved in yoga.

Men especially can worry about where to stand and what to wear, she said.

"It is a real fear! It is meant for men. It's meant for any age of men. My dad started doing yoga ten years ago and he always says, 'Caroline, I wish I would have started it earlier.' It's changed his life," she said.

Classes cost $20 for a single class, but class packages, which help save money, are available.

"I really think people value their health and fitness, and January's a great time to try new things and invest in yourself," she said.

To learn more about studio locations, class packages and yoga, visit CorePower Yoga online.

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