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Consent decree aims to curb rare Canada lynx from winding up in traps

Efforts to curb rare Canada lynx from winding up in traps
Efforts to curb rare Canada lynx from winding up in traps 02:11

MINNEAPOLIS -- There's a change to Minnesota trapping rules, with hopes to protect rare Canada lynx from getting caught in traps intended for other animals.

The consent decree resolves an action brought by the Center for Biological Diversity in 2020 related to lynx protections.

Experts estimate there are from 50 to 300 Lynx in the state right now.

"We will move forward with implementing the agreed-upon changes and believe these steps will further reduce the already low accidental mortality of lynx from trapping," John Erb, DNR research biologist, said.

The lynx are found mostly in the northern regions of Minnesota, concentrated around the Arrowhead region. 

"Because they're so rare, we're concerned about any threats to the species," said Collette Adkins, from the Center for Biological Diveristy. 

Changing habitat and snow conditions are some of the bigger, long-term concerns for the population of the lynx in Minnesota.

"The future remains uncertain like it does for a lot of wildlife species - especially boreal species," said Erb. "Hopefully these changes will minimize mortality risk and lynx will continue to thrive in Minnesota."

The DNR says vehicles are the leading cause of lynx deaths in Minnesota.

Trappers can learn more about the specific changes on the DNR trapping page.

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