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Confused Few Hit Polls To Vote On Marriage Amendment

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Even though it's not on the primary ballot, the hotly-debated marriage amendment appears to be drawing voters to the polls this Tuesday.

"I'm interested in voting for the marriage law," said one voter outside Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church in south Minneapolis, a neighborhood polling place.

She was referring to the proposed amendment to the state constitution defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

That amendment, along with another proposal requiring a photo ID at the polls, will only be included on the general election ballot in November.

Longtime Ramsey County election chief Joe Manksy isn't totally surprised.

"There has already been a lot of discussion about the proposed amendment, so I guess I wouldn't be too surprised that we have a few voters who thought that they would be voting on those questions today," said Mansky.


One unintentional benefit from the confusion could be greater participation in a primary expected to draw only 15 percent of the voters.

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