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Coffee Blog: Swede Hollow Café

Swede Hollow Café
725 7th St. E., St. Paul

The sign on the window reads "Best mochas in town", and that was enough for us to make a stop at Swede Hollow Café.

(credit: CBS)

Joel Cam is more of a mocha drinker and I am a coffee and chai latte gal. The barista mentioned they had a special cocoa recipe, and I was sold because I am a certified chocoholic!

At Swede Hollow Café, the cocoa they use in mochas is made from Belgian chocolate.

While our mochas were being whipped up, Joel and I took in the atmosphere. It's a quaint and cozy shop, brick building, with wood floors. We noticed several people came in to get a cup of coffee and they all seemed to know each other on a first name basis, it has a Central Perk kind of feel to it.

A little history about the place: the cafe is in the Dayton's Bluff neighborhood in St. Paul in the historic Stutzman building. It opened in 1994 and we wondered how the café got its name.

According to the Dayton's Bluff Neighborhood Association website, in the 1800's, Swedish immigrants settled in the area and named the valley Svenska Dalen or Swede Hollow.

Swede Hollow has won a Readers Choice Award for best cup of coffee in the past. The place gets its coffee and espresso beans from Roastery 7 in Brooklyn Center, Minn.. Apparently they have a very talented baker as well.

The café had lots of homemade goodies -- apple walnut scones, ham and Swiss scones, and cinnamon rolls. They looked sinful.

(credit: CBS)

The mochas lived up to their promise and then some. Notice the photos look more like dessert.

(credit: CBS)

It was a little cup of heaven in my day, with a mini dark chocolate bar on top. The chocolate taste was more dominate than the espresso -- I loved it! When I called back to find out how many calories I drank, the barista said she didn't know. Thanks goodness!

I gave it 5 espresso beans out 5 for the extra chocolaty goodness. Joel Cam gave it 4.5.

Help Joel Cam and I find a hidden gem in your neighborhood! Send us a tweet, a Facebook message or an email and tell us where to stop when we're in your part of town. Help us name our blog! So far our viewers and co-workers have tossed around these names, Java Jabber, Morning Hot Spots, Cup of Joel, Blond Roast, and Coffee Crawl. We want to hear your thoughts!

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