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Club Jager Owner Plans To Keep Bar Open Amid Protests

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A month after a controversial bar re-opened, people continue to protest its existence. Club Jager reopened its doors in Minneapolis' North Loop on Jan. 31. Employees walked out last September after learning the owner donated to a former leader of the KKK.

While the open sign is flashing once again outside Club Jager, not everyone wants to walk through the door.

"It's not great, no. It's always empty every time I walk by, because I walk by every day so I kinda check in," Spencer Hanson said.

People who live nearby feel passionately about boycotting the business. Last September employees quit after finding out Julius De Roma donated to the Senate campaign of David Duke.

"That's his own right but I don't support people like that and businesses that support the KKK or the white supremacists. I'm not into that and that hits me really hard," Pedro Wolcott said.

The business stayed dark until late January. Now that the lights are on Alissa Rich said she won't go there.

"I guess just what I'm passionate about is just equal rights and equality," Rich said.

Minneapolis City Council member Steve Fletcher represents the area. He said, "Support for anti-semites and neo-Nazis is a direct contradiction to our values as a city.  I love living in a city that embraces inclusion, diversity, and equity. I also love the first amendment, which protects people's right to express political ideas that don't align with our values, and also protects people's right to criticize those people and the patrons who support them."

"Hoping that he sells it to somebody who really wants to do well, nonprofit, something good," Wolcott said.

Owner Julius De Roma told WCCO, "People should not alienate you from what's yours."

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