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Mediation To Continue In Civil Case Of Jamar Clark's Shooting

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minneapolis City council rejected a settlement proposal for the family of Jamar Clark, the 24-year-old who was shot and killed by police in North Minneapolis in 2015.

The county attorney declined to charge the officers, saying an investigation found the shooting was justified. Evidence showed Clark was shot after trying to get an officer's gun, but the Clark family attorney, William Starr, says a different, historic settlement could change their case.

More than three years after Jamar Clark was shot and killed by Minneapolis police, his family is still trying to settle with the city.

"It's not fair, it's not right, and we just want some kind of end," the victim's father, James Clark, said.

Judge Michael Davis' order came soon after the city agreed to pay $20 million to settle a lawsuit over the 2017 death of Justine Ruszczyk Damond. Damond, who was white, was shot by a police officer when she approved his squad car minutes after calling 911. That officer was convicted of murder.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arrodondo, and other city leaders were ordered to the federal courthouse Wednesday to explain where the settlement stands. This came just days after the Minneapolis City Council rejected a settlement proposal that was agreed on by both parties involved.

Clark's family told WCCO's Erin Hassanzadeh that there has "never been accountability in this case." They said they are frustrated that the settlement was rejected and they are wondering why it's taken so long to reach an agreement.

"It seems like they are just trying to kick our cases under the rug, and go to something else," James Clark said. "There ain't been no justice since this happened."

After roughly an hour in court and time behind closed doors in the judge's chambers, both sides agreed to continue settlement negotiations with court supervision.

"Both the parties, as well as my colleagues on the City Council, are in full agreement that we move forward with the mediations," Mayor Jacob Frey said.

Starr said a trial is still a possibility.

"There's motions pending before the court. If the motions are sustained we will be dismissed, if the motions are not sustained, we'll have a jury trial."

We are still waiting to hear exactly when those settlement mediations will resume.

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