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Chiasher Vue, Man Shot And Killed By Police, Had Called Officers To Home Before

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - The Minnesota man shot by police on Sunday had called the police many times before. The family of Chiasher Vue calls him a beloved man of teachings and honesty.

But on Sunday night Minneapolis police answered the call for a dispute and say Vue came out of the house with a gun. He shot at the officers, who shot back; more than 60 bullets mark the family home.

"The statute's clear that if they feel the threat of death or serious bodily injury, then they can respond with lethal force," said St. Thomas University law professor Mark Olser. "The question is, do you always do that?"

Vigil for Chiasher Vue
A memorial for Chiasher Vue outside of his north Minneapolis home (credit: CBS)

Sunday wasn't the officers' first encounter with Vue's home. Records show six calls for help starting last November. Two were for domestic incidents and one was a week before Vue was shot. Now the home is riddled with bullets and a family is riddled with questions.

"It's a tragedy multiplier. You look at the pictures all of the people who cared about him," Olser said. "And the officers, they are like a firing squad, no one knows who fired the shot that killed the person and that's something they are living with, it's a bad situation for them to be in and that's why we need better ways of addressing these situations," he added.

The officers involved in the incident were scheduled to be interviewed Tuesday. A vigil was held Tuesday night for Vue and his family at his Thomas Avenue home.

A link to the family's GoFundMe can be found here.

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