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Chappelle Raises Money For Charity, Serves Breakfast At Target Center

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- After a week in Minneapolis, comedian Dave Chappelle finished his stay with breakfast – serving pancakes at the Target Center for a good cause.

The pancake breakfast was a part of a charity event that Chappelle wanted to participate in.

Fans bought tickets for a chance to shoot with the comedian and everyone who played was served pancakes afterwards. The money raised will benefit the Timberwolves' Fast Break Foundation.

Midnight basketball and pancakes is reminiscent of a skit seen on the second season of the Chappelle Show and it came to life at the Target Center. Chappelle used the skit as the foundation for the event.

"I'd want to take credit for this charity event, but all I did was lend my participation. There are a lot of people who worked real hard to make this thing happen and the people that came were the ones who were driving it and I heard they raised over $30,000," Chappelle said.

Fans paid for a chance to shoot around with the comedian. Although his shot was a little off, it was all about having fun.

Chappelle says he has a special connection with his Minnesota fans.

"It wasn't just 12 good shows, it was like quantity. It was like quality time, so I really enjoyed the shows," Chappelle said.

Chappelle says he is humbled by the amount of support he got from his celebrity friends.

"Prince was very charitable tonight and his spirit has kind of been in the city. In my career, he has been sort of a well-wisher of sorts and it was real nice to be here to be in a city where people embrace me like that. I'm actually very surprised, Reg, I'm not going to lie. I don't know what I did to deserve it, but I appreciate it I don't take it for granted," Chappelle said.

Now, Chappelle's impact on Minnesota will live on in the form of a star on the wall of First Avenue.

"I looked up and I saw that star that said Dave Chappelle. It was like getting the key to the city. It was something else. That was really cool man," Chappelle said. "I don't have no star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame or none of that, but I got that one in Minneapolis at First Avenue and that is all right with me, that's plenty."

Dave Chappelle is the only non-musician to get a star at First Avenue and he now has the record for the most consecutive shows in the main room. Chappelle says he could not have done it without the support of his fans.

"They were beyond good crowds they were supportive crowds. It seemed like were trying to pick me up a little bit and every now and then everyone needs that and that was very nice. I do appreciate it," Chappelle said.

As for the charity, all the money raised stays right here in Minnesota. It benefits the Timberwolves Fast Break Foundation that supports programs for kids and teenagers in Minnesota.

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