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Celebrations, Protests In The Streets After Joe Biden's Projected Presidential Win

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - People on both sides of these election results got outside on Saturday afternoon and got vocal. Biden-Harris supporters were celebrating, while President Trump supporters rallied at the state Capitol demanding a recount.

Throughout Minneapolis, at the busy intersection of Nicollet & 40th and at Gold Medal Park, people were celebrating the announcement of a newly elected leader.

"We were biking by Gold Medal Park, and some people invited us over for a socially distanced champagne toast, so we joined them and celebrated with some random strangers. It was a lot of fun," said David Blomquist, a Biden-Harris supporter.

Several groups people were picnicking and celebrating the election results of a Biden-Harris win.

"It's like four years of anxiety have washed over," said Allison Wonchoba, a Biden-Harris supporter.

Robin Curran was at the park drinking champagne with her three daughters. They were celebrating history being made.

"I feeling overwhelmed with emotion," said Curran, "I am so excited that we have our first woman Vice President."

Jude Edling thinks this election is the beginning of a new normal.

"Next time it will be a woman President," said Edling. "Having a woman as a President or leader of country is normal around the world and has been for many years and I think we will be normalizing it from both sides."

Over at the Minnesota State Capitol, a group of President Donald Trump supporters gathered on the green.

"There's a serious reason to be concerned that this was not an honest election," said Jane Cain, a President Trump supporter.

The purpose of this group gathering was to argue the legitimacy of a Biden-Harris win. Mary Cracraft questions the mailed-in absentee ballots that arrived after election day in battle ground states.

"There's no mathematical way that 96% to 100% of all the mail-in votes that came after midnight on election night could have gone for Joe Biden," said Cracraft.

The group made their way from the Capitol to the Governor's mansion in St. Paul while chanting for a recount

"We want to know who really has won. If he hasn't, that's fine, but they need to do some kind of reform of the vote process," said Cracraft.

"We have to be allowing everyone to speak and then let the chips fall where they may," said Cain.

The Trump campaign has not produced any evidence of voter fraud. In a statement from President Trump on Saturday, he says he plans to go to court on Monday to make sure election laws are upheld.

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