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Cars Vandalized, Tires Slashed After Protests, Counter-Protests At Governor's Residence

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- There was some destruction Saturday during protests at Gov. Tim Walz's residence in St. Paul.

Tires were slashed up and down the block around the corner from Walz's home, and windshields were vandalized.

"There's two windows that got spray painted on a minivan down there, so they can't even see to drive home now," said Jason Peterson, who had been part of a demonstrating group of President Donald Trump supporters.

At least some of the damaged vehicles belonged to people in that group of protesters.

Peterson says they could only watch as counter-protesters inflicted the damage.

"We tried to run through the crowd of cops. There were too many cops," he said. "We couldn't get through them, so we couldn't even protect our own stuff. Then the cops turned around and they all took off."

St. Paul police are investigating the tire slashings. No one's been arrested or cited at this time.

Earlier in the day, SPPD issued two disorderly conduct citations for what they're calling a "skirmish" or "altercation."

Other than that, police say the demonstrations were largely peaceful.

St. Paul Police said in a statement, "Officers did not use any force today. Our officers were there to protect people, property and free speech -- and we are proud to do it. We'd like to thank everyone who came to our city and peacefully made their voices heard."

Police say there were about 300 protesters out Saturday between the Capitol and the governor's residence.

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