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Cancellation Of State Fair Leaves Many Minnesotans Despairing

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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic's onset in Minnesota, many residents held out hope that, despite all the pain and frustration we've been subjected to day in and day out, there was still the possibility something could be salvaged from our summer season.

The Minnesota State Fair was that something, and on Friday officials announced that it was canceled for 2020. That's the first time the state hasn't had a fair since 1946, before roughly 90% of the state's population was even born, and just the sixth time it's been canceled since it launched.

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Some feel it's the best thing to do considering the times we live in, but others aren't so sure about the decision cancel what so many Minnesotans consider the highlight of the summer.

Across social media, people registered their feelings about what feels like the last straw for an utterly broken summer. Here's a sample mix of the upset, the understanding, and the humorous takes:

Fair officials said their priorities were first for public health, and second, for preserving the future of the fair. Their vote to cancel this year's State Fair was unanimous.

"Not surprising. Disappointing, but you kind of expect it in the times," Dan Schober said.

No matter where you go in Minnesota, it's at the forefront of everyone's conversation. Even on the golf course, the cancellation of the Minnesota State Fair is all any one can talk about.

"It's a breeding ground for the virus, so it's unfortunate, but I'm definitely not surprised," Nishant Kumar said. "It has to happen. We are in unprecedented times, a global pandemic. What are you going to do? You can't social distance at all at the State Fair."

The decision to cancel the State Fair did not come as a shock to most WCCO spoke with. Thoughts of State Fair favorites that will be missed is what some seem to be focusing on.

"Sweet Martha's Cookies, probably that's definitely on the top there," Anna Waltz said.

"Just gathering and people just being in fellowship and just being together that's the most that you are really going to miss," said Timmey Williams.

Still, there are some who feel cancelling was not the right thing to do.

"With all the crap that is going on right now, you know, and all these restrictions, it kind of makes sense, but in my opinion they could have done something better," Travis Johnson said.

"They could have done pre-sale other options, where they're not letting people in at the gate but selling tickets beforehand," said John Johnson. "Just really bummed about it that they can't do something to keep the tradition going."

But in the end, all know they have to accept what is believed to be in the best interest of all.

"I think it was the right move," Kumar said.

Even with our differences of opinion, what's truly important always shines through.

"It's just going to keep the people safe, and that's what we need," Williams said.



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