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Buy Dad A Piece Of The Metrodome For Father's Day

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Year after year it can be hard to come up with exciting and new gifts for Father's Day.

As the annual holiday to celebrate dad is just around the corner, WCCO's Ali Lucia is taking a look at unique gifts for dad.

So, how about some sports memorabilia?

For so many Minnesota sports fans they have at least one memory that brings them back to the Metrodome. From dirt to turf to putting your feet up on the seat backs.

Well now, you can own one of those very seat backs.

"I never seen so much peanut dust and nacho cheese and gum," collector Guy Nelson said. "That's what even makes it even cooler, it's got the gum right on it."

The Metrodome: home to popcorn eating, many Minnesota memories and those famous blue seats.

The Metrodome saw two World Series, some Gopher football greats and even some Gold Gloves in there as well.

"We had 3,000 as of about a month ago. It's dwindling down in supply now," Nelson said.

Nelson started purchasing old pieces of Minnesota sports history 10 years ago.

His collection includes items from out of state as well, like the old floor where Michael Jordon won three titles. But the old dome remains the centerpiece for his business.

"People like to pick their favorite number. So, like the big one right now is Paul Molitor, number  four," Nelson said.

While the Twins' current manager is a popular draw so is Hall of Famer Kirby Puckett.

"Well it's very popular, [so] it's a very limited supply. So basically there's mostly 31 rows in the Metrdome, there's just a few rows of 34, just a couple sections. So, there's just a few hundred of these available and we have less than 50 left," Nelson said.

It's not just these seats, but even pieces of the dusty Metrodome covering that are desirable to collectors.

"So this has seen a lot dirt and wear and tear," Nelson said. "And that's what makes it unique. We ask people not to clean it because it would hurt the collect-ability of it."

Nelson owns, as he says, acres of the old Metrodome roof and it is heavy duty stuff.

He said it's great to have it in smaller pieces for people and they even liked to get it signed.

As for Nelson, he doesn't get any autograph requests, but maybe people should start asking. After all, he is in Cooperstown.

"I'm in the Baseball Hall of Fame through the Metrodome memorabilia," Nelson said.

Random numbered seats cost roughly $50. A specific seat number can cost about $90.

To learn more about what Nelson has in stock, or to purchase a piece of the dome for yourself, visit The Metrodome Roof online.


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