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Bob Dylan To Receive Guitar Strap For Concert At Xcel

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) -- Tomorrow night, music legend and Minnesota native Bob Dylan will take over the Xcel Energy Center.

When a big act plays at "The X" the venue typically gives them a thank you gift, as a way for the artists to remember the Twin Cities.

Last week we showed you the custom leather bag made for Madonna.  And to give Bob Dylan something as a "thank you," the staff at the Xcel Energy Center called on the same local leather company to give Bob Dylan something for his guitar.

The skilled workers at J.W. Hulme in St. Paul are a little nervous.

"I am working on a guitar strap for Bob Dylan," said Kerrie Gray. "I'm hand cutting and doing everything by hand. I'm trying not to let my hands shake too much."

Dylan will also get a hand bag. Chuck Watt has the honor of branding "DYLAN" on a weekend satchel.

"I've been kind of giddy over the last 24 hours over this one," Watt said. "If there was any icon I bet this would be the guy right here."

The Xcel Energy Center has just recently partnered with J.W. Hulme to make the gifts given to the talent. Previous artists were given Wild hockey jerseys. The hope is that these custom leather gifts will make an impression.

"To give them a 'thank you' and say we're glad you're here, we thank you for coming, please come back and see us again soon," said Kelly with the Xcel Energy Center.

It took a team at JW Hulme to make the gifts.  Perhaps proving the old adage it is better to give than to receive.

"I think everyone has a sense of pride here. We've got a good team," Gray said.

The strap and the bag will be given to Bob Dylan when he performs tomorrow night at Xcel Energy Center.

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