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Some Bloomington seniors have gone weeks without getting their mail

Seniors in Bloomington haven’t been getting mail for 6 weeks
Seniors in Bloomington haven’t been getting mail for 6 weeks 01:57

UPDATE (May 23, 2024): A USPS postal manager installed mailbox locks at the complex on Wednesday following WCCO's report.

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. – A group of seniors are asking for answers after the USPS has gone weeks without delivering mail to their apartment complex.

The Oxboro Heights Apartments opened in Bloomington the first week of April, and since then, the complex has been waiting for mail. The hangup, the management group operating the apartments says, lies in waiting for locks for the mailroom.

They say they asked the local USPS office for the locks months ago, and have since visited their local post office in person multiple times and called nearly each day with no answer.

It's been a major source of frustration for residents like Gary Goetz.

"I just want my mail. Six weeks without mail is ridiculous," Goetz said. "I've lost all confidence in the post office."

A spokesperson for the Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin USPS Districts did not respond to our request for comment or explanation.

"As a federal agency, USPS has a responsibility to be accessible to the taxpayers they serve – that's clearly not happening right now in Minnesota, and it hasn't been for nearly two years now," Rep. Angie Craig said in a statement to WCCO. "I won't stop until we get to the bottom of this and Minnesotans get their mail on time."

"I get worked up," Goetz said. "I get frustrated quite easily. It's just been so stupid. It's been six weeks with no USPS mail. Every week it gets a little more frustrating." 

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