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Bloomington Police Remember 'Very Energetic' And 'Hardworking' K-9 Officer Brody

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - The Bloomington Police Department is mourning the loss of a police dog.

K-9 Officer Brody spent eight years with the department before he was put down this past Friday.

"He is a very energetic fun dog a very hardworking dog," said Commander Joe Sparks.

Sparks remembers Brody as a very playful dog with tons of energy who loved to work, especially with his handler, Officer Pilcher.

Brody is one of six K-9's working for the city of Bloomington. Five work patrol and the other works in narcotics, but Brody was special.

"He came to America from Slovakia in 2014 when he went through school at the St. Paul Police Department," said Sparks.

Brody often was the K-9 of choice when it came to community engagement. He also made time to make fellow officers and staff smile.

"Our K-9 officers would sometimes take the K-9s up to the dispatch center and the dispatcher would love to get it in that form," Sparks said.

bloomington k9
(credit: Bloomington police)

Brody's love for his job was obvious. His handler had to make a tough decision when he found out Brody was not doing well.

"It was a tumor that they did not know about on his spleen that had burst he kind of became lethargic over a day or so anyone who knew Brody knew that was not his personality so Officer Pilcher took him to the emergency vet and diagnosed him," said Sparks.

Brody now joins the wall of Fame of Canines who worked for the people of Bloomington.

While all here in mourning, their focus is on one officer, who spent more time with Brody than he did his family.

"The bond is incredible so that first shift back when you have to empty back seat and it's quiet, no more barking no more crying, no more whining, it's kind of like very difficult time and sobering time but Officer Pilcher is back to work on the first shift of his rotation after the loss of Brody. It kind of just shows the inner strength of our officers," Sparks said.

Bloomington police want to thank the community for their support during this difficult time.

Right now the department isn't quite sure when they'll get and train another K-9 officer.

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