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Blaine Mayor On Hail Damage: 'Sounded Like Baseballs Hitting The Roof'

BLAINE, Minn. (WCCO) -- One of the hardest hit areas from Sunday morning's severe weather was Blaine in the north Twin Cities metro.

High winds uprooted trees and sent lawn furniture flying, while hail was large enough to put holes and dents in siding. It's making for a busy time cleaning up, and local contractors are keeping busy with making bids for home repairs.

Monday usually means back to work but for residents in Blaine, but that work stayed at home as people were dealing with the damage from Sunday's severe weather. Blaine Mayor Tom Ryan gave WCCO the tour of the damage to his home.

"It sounded like baseballs hitting the roof and watching ping pong balls go down the driveway," Ryan said. "The last time he was up there, he said it's close right now. I had grit in the gutters and that's from the stuff that comes off the shingles."

He says his damage isn't even the worst of it.

"You look at the side of them and it looks like someone took a shot gun and just kept shooting. It looked like an old mafia movie and when my daughter called me and I went up there, I thought holy smokes, there's nothing left," Ryan said.

Which led to a busy day in the city, from dealing with downed trees to waiting on contractors. Or just trying to process the magnitude of Sunday's storm.

"The hail was extremely intense and it was just pounding," Ryan said.

And while the most serious and expensive damage is devastating for homeowners, there's also that sentimental loss that's taking a toll.

"At the end of the day this is where I come for my refuge, my ability to relax," Ryan said.

Needless to say, this storm was one to remember. That's why Mayor Ryan saved some mementos.

"So you saved these in the freezer huh? Yeah, I save them because people will say 'Oh I don't think it was that big' and I'll say 'Oh yeah it was,'" Ryan said.

And another concern: The threat for severe weather again Tuesday night. Residents here certainly don't need another round at this time.

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