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Black women are 7% of MN population, 40% of its domestic violence victims

Black women are 7% of MN population, 40% of its domestic violence victims
Black women are 7% of MN population, 40% of its domestic violence victims 01:50

MINNEAPOLIS -- Black women make up 7% of Minnesota's population, but are 40% of domestic violence victims. That's part of the findings in a new report from the Missing and Murdered African-American Women Task Force.

For the past year they've looked at the systemic causes of violence against African American women and girls. Now this task force must recommend where to go from here.

The numbers are alarming. Over 60,000 Black women and girls are missing in the U.S., and Black women are more than twice as likely than their peers to be victims of homicide.

"We are sharing our truth with the state, and local institutions aren't listening," said Dr. Brittany Lewis, with Research in Action.

This group wants to create and fund specific spaces and resources to serve these women who have for generations experienced disproportionate violence.

"Our culture and society tells us, 'Here's the hotline, here's the shelter, here's the agency.' The reality is the Black women and girls that i have supported all of my career have called the hotline. And perhaps because of the dynamics of their violent situation, whoever is on the other end doesn't understand what they are managing," Lewis said.

Lewis says her work with women impacted by the violence has helped shape recommendations.

"The creation of a murdered African-American office that can help report and track what's taking place in shelters, but also produce culturally appropriate training in domestic violence shelters, new coordination centers between health care agencies, law enforcement and other support systems that aren't communicating," Lewis said.

Lewis believes addressing those things is a start to reducing and preventing the violence.

The Minnesota Legislature is the first in the country to dedicate resources to prevent violence against Black women and girls.

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