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Black Lives Matter Activists Disrupt Light Rail Ahead Of Twins Opener

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A group of mostly white supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement protested outside the Twins home opener Monday.

They blocked the light rail line keeping trains from Target Field Station.

Police arrested 25 people.

Black Lives Matter protests during home opener at Target Field
(credit: CBS)

Reg Chapman spoke with some of them as they left jail.

They told him they want to use Monday's demonstration to recruit more white people to the Black Lives Matter movement.

More than 100 Catholic workers and clergy stood hand in hand blocking two intersections by Target Field and shutting down the light rail.

"As white people we have the dominant voice in this system. We created this system. We enforce this system, and so when we don't stand up to the system it allows these things to happen," said activist Anna.

They are protesting what they call violent racial inequalities that plague Minnesota.

They demand the Jamar Clark case be reopened and a special prosecutor named to handle the investigation.

These people of faith are working under the guidance of Black Lives Matter Minneapolis.

"It's too long it's just the black people themselves taking all the hits, so we wanted it to purposely be all white people getting arrested today," said activist Michael Elderbrook.

25 activists were arrested, handcuffed and put on city buses.

Black Lives Matter protesters arrested at Target Field
(credit: CBS)

Those arrested say it's what they wanted to bring attention to their cause.

"Catholic workers traditionally oppose war and we feel that this is a war on black people, and so we oppose that," said Kelly Walling.

Michael and Kelly are Catholic Workers from Duluth.

Both say it's time for the faith community to step up and use its resources to make a difference.

"If they can mobilize those resources things like Jamar would not have happened. And better training for the police officers, more compassion -- we feel that people of faith can actually move those mountains," Walling said.


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