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'Bite Squad' Happy To Keep Up With Hungry MN Masses

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A new local food delivery service can barely keep up with hungry demand.

Less than a year ago, Bite Squad launched on the Minneapolis food scene and already delivers around 400 orders a day. The service brings cuisines from local restaurants in Minneapolis -- like Hell's Kitchen and Pizza Nea -- right to your door.

"It's been really hectic," co-owner Kian Salehi said. "Once it started going it's been nonstop to this day."

Salehi came up with the idea after seeing other cities around the country having success with a similar service.

When Bite Squad officially opened for business in August 2012, it had just 17 restaurants offering up their menus for the service. Today, there are almost 200.

Customers say it's all about the convenience factor.

"It's just quick and efficient," Pinke Anderson, one customer, said. "Once my information is in their computer, it's so much faster."

Bite Squad employees credit the marketing of their delivery rides: bright green cars.

"Anybody who doesn't know what Bite Squad does, when they ask, what I do, I say, 'It's those funny green cars you see riding around,'" Peter Sarbacker said.

For every order, the restaurant takes 75 percent of the profit, while Bite Squad keeps the other 25%. Even with the restaurants taking a small cut in their menu item costs, they're reaping the benefits, too.

"People that wouldn't be going out to eat are now still ordering their food," Salehi said.

While it's a struggle keeping up with Minnesotans' hungry appetites, the Bite Squad team is happy to be busy.

"It's too convenient," Sarbacker said. "People love it too much."

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