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Bite Of Minnesota: Southern Pimento Cheese

By Crystal Grobe, Cafe Cyan

Being a northerner for most of my life, I only hear about southern foods like chicken and waffles, pickled watermelon rind, and collard greens. It isn't too often that I get to experience them.

Pimento Cheese - Crystal Grobe
(credit: Cafe Cyan)

Last night I went to an event at Kitchen in the Market, a new shared kitchen space in Midtown Global Market. Not only do small food businesses rent kitchen space, but the public can attend cooking classes (I'm sending my husband to a classnext week) and buy products from the retail space.

I couldn't resist buying a tub of Southern Pimento Cheese, one of those southern foods I've heard about, but hadn't yet tried.

Pimento Cheese Tub - Crystal Grobe
(credit: Cafe Cyan)

Pimento cheese is typically slathered on a piece of bread and served as a sandwich in the south. Or, if using a cream cheese base instead of mayonnaise, you can spread it on burgers while grilling.

I toasted some pretzel rolls from Trader Joe's and used pimento cheese as a filling for a quick lunch with fantastic results.

Pretzel Roll and Pimento Cheese - Crystal Grobe
(credit: Cafe Cyan)

How about you -- have you tried pimento cheese?

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