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Bite Of Minnesota: Homemade Co-Worker Gifts

Do you exchange gifts with co-workers during the holiday season? In some of my past workplaces, I've been incredibly close to my co-workers while at other places, I barely know my team members, which creates a dilemma: Do I buy for some but not all? That's why I enjoy a gift exchange instead, traditionally known as a Secret Santa exchange. It's simple, the price point is typically low, and the reveal is often a blast.

Homemade Co-worker Gifts - Crystal Grobe
(credit: Crystal Grobe)

This year we have a Secret Santa exchange at work and I'm going for a mix of purchased and homemade gifts for mine. If you have some extra time this weekend (I know, it's asking a lot during this time of year), I'd suggest making one or more of these ideas for co-worker gift exchanges. Hopefully you'll have some leftover to enjoy as well.

1.) Everything Bagel Topping

Buy a few small canning jars or other decorative jars from the craft store and mix away. This gift is so simple: just buy the bulk ingredients, mix together and divide into jars. Add a ribbon for some flair. Who doesn't appreciate flair?

2.) Candied Orange Peel

This one is a bit more complicated but since it is citrus season, oranges are plentiful and everyone can use a little sunshine in their lives. Plus, it's a great desk snack to have on hand as a pick-me-up.

3.) Flavored Salts

This recipe is quite versatile and would be great if you have leftover oranges or other citrus. Crunched for time? Do the shitake salt using dried mushrooms, readily available at an Asian grocery store or in the global section of the supermarket.

If all else fails, go to TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Both have an excellent selection of affordable gifts: tins of tea, coffee mugs, chocolates, balsamic vinegar glazes, and much more.

Happy holidays!


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