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Bike Sharing Programs Gaining Traction

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Millions of Americans drive to work every day, but a new option is becoming popular.

More people are borrowing a bike for their commute.

Nice Ride has been in the Twin Cities since 2010. The program now has 1,700 bright green bikes across Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Nice Ride says a record 483,000 rides were taken last year.

Other bike sharing programs are gaining traction. The Department of Transportation says there are at least 46 programs nationwide.

"I think it is a trend that will only increase over time. We had no bike share programs in the U.S. prior to 2006, and now we're seeing them crop up all over the country," said Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx.

More cities are adapting to make it easier for riders. New York spent millions transforming streets to include bike paths.

And like in the Twin Cities, cities are coordinating their bus and train stops to be along bike baths for easy transfers

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