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'Big Gentle Giant': Philonise Floyd Remembers His Brother George

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- As the world mourns the loss of George Floyd, his family is remembering a kind man and a loyal friend. Perhaps the person who knows that best, is his brother.

Philonise Floyd talked with WCCO about the legacy of George Floyd. Here are some excerpts from his conversation with us:

They loved him. Everybody loves him. Everybody. Kids and all, they love him. Big gentle giant.

He came to Minneapolis for a change. Change of scenery. He had a couple of friends down here. Some were former citizens and so on. They just had fun. He was working at the Salvation Army at the time.

He helped a lot of people. A lot of people. He would give you his last.

I want a conviction. I want justice for him. And everybody who follows him will understand he's a peaceful guy, gentle giant, and he would want none of this going on. He's not that type of person. He always wanted to bring people up, make people happy, laugh. Got a lot of jokes. He was just a big old guy. A big friendly guy. A big teddy bear. If you know anything about him, you would know that.

That's my big brother. My oldest brother. Now I'm stuck being the oldest brother. I don't have anybody to look up to. When I was in school, I looked up to my brother. I used to love going to his basketball games, football games, I loved all of that.

He was a monster on the court. But in life, in general, talking to people, a gentle giant. Amazing. Can't take nothing from him. Amazing.

Grown men don't cry and holler for their mom. He knew that he was pretty much finished. Couldn't breathe. He was hurt. He was hurt. I was hurt looking at that video. I don't want to watch that video.

I want justice. Everybody want justice all across America. We are united. I'm telling you, we have to have justice. :17:27:18 They murdered him in broad daylight in front of everybody.



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