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Beyond Bounds: Who Wins When St. Thomas' 2 Star WRs Go 1-On-1?

Dan Ferrazzo and Dan Noehring - Mike Ekern/University of St. Thomas
Dan Ferrazzo and Dan Noehring (credit: Mike Ekern/University of St. Thomas)

The similarities between shifty St. Thomas wideouts – and close friends – senior Dan Noehring and junior Dan Ferrazzo are numerous.

The Dan duo were both:

-Captains of their high school football teams (Noehring hails from Lakeville South, and Ferrazzo's a Mahtomedi product).

-Participants in the Minnesota High School All-Star football game.

-Shortstops and captains of their prep baseball teams, each garnering conference honors.

Ferrazzo And Noehring
Dan Ferrazzo (left) and Dan Noehring (right). (credit: TommieSports)

And the tandem currently leads the UST receiving core, as the Tommies (4-1, ranked No. 9) travel to battle Bethel (5-0, ranked No. 5) on Saturday with the MIAC title in the balance, in addition to NCAA playoff implications. Make sure to tune into 830 WCCO for the game.

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Their differences, however, are more intriguing and certainly more entertaining.

But before pitting the two limelight-loving hams against each other, here's what you need to know.

Ferrazzo actually played QB in high school. But once aware that UST was leaning toward making Matt O'Connell the franchise signal caller, he voluntarily moved his athleticism out to wide receiver. He's a marketing major who'll admit his "people-person personality" will be his ticket to success rather his GPA.

And don't get distracted by his lackadaisical style of sweat shirts, backwards hats, and Air Jordans – or his bro-themed Twitter handle. He's also an avid reader of all-things Mitch Albom, and will be sending his lengthy flow to Locks of Love at the end of the year. Ferrazzo's still part of the Mahtomedi community, as he coached the 2021 JV baseball team.

Noehring, a business major, had nearly 300 yards and four TDs last year before tearing his ACL in the Bethel game. Seeing his little brother Matt had torn his ACLs in high school, Noehring had his template of how to recover and returned return in time for St. Thomas' 2013 season opener.

The punt returner – channeling his mother and her teaching profession – has spent four summers running sporting camps for children up to age 13 around the metro through Sports Unlimited. Any extra cash in Noehring's pocket is spent at concerts for up-and-coming artists such as Chvrches (pronounced Churches) and Alt-J – he's addicted to the high of finding new acts first.

Dan Noehring - Mike Ekern/University of St. Thomas
Dan Noehring (credit: Mike Ekern/University of St. Thomas)

Now, enough background, it's time to get real and see which Dan is the better man.

Who's the better receiver?
Noehring: Numbers-wise he's the better wideout over the last year. When I got hurt, he took over the wide receiver group and led them, obviously, to the national championship.
Ferrazzo: Dan is the guy that they'd look to, and who I looked to until he got hurt. He was the clear leader. I would say he probably runs better routes.
But in a backyard football game, who's going first in the draft?
N: I'm going first.
F: I'm going first.
Round 1: Draw

Who's the better athlete?
F: I'm going to take the political answer and say Dan's an incredible athlete. He's fun to watch ... but I am the better athlete.
N: I would say I'm also the better athlete.
Round 2: Draw

Who works harder?
N: I do. I would say I work harder and he's just more gifted.
F: He is a more vocal leader and probably does work a little bit harder. But I do work hard. Let's preface that.
Round 3: Noehring wins

Who's smarter?
F: He definitely works harder in the classroom than I do.
N: (Just laughs in agreement)
Round 4: Noehring wins again

If you were both single, who would get the most dates?
F: I do have a girlfriend. But I would have to go with Dan. He's too nice. He's a nice guy. I mean, I'm not saying I'm not a nice guy though.
N: I would agree with him (and vote for myself). But Dan does well for himself. He loves girls.
Round 5: Noehring yet again

Dan Ferrazzo - Mark Brown/University of St. Thomas)
(credit: Mark Brown/University of St. Thomas)

Best dancer?
F: I get nasty on the dance floor. I've got moves. I started at my sister's wedding in fourth grade. I was stealing the show and the spotlight. There are no go-to moves. You have to look around the crowd and think, 'What's the crowd looking for from Dan Ferrazzo at this point?'
N: I can give that to him.
Round 6: Ferrazzo gets win No. 1

Best style?
N: These are great questions for me. I have more style. He's more of the bro guy, but that's not a bad thing.
F: I like being comfortable, but I don't dress like a scrub. I've got to go with Dan. He looks casually nice … pastel colored shorts and Sperry's.
Round 7: Noehring takes another

Best sense of humor?
N: He's hilarious. I'm a good one-two punch, but he takes the spotlight on this.
F: I'm a goofball. We do goof around a lot together. I'm real quick with my one-liners. It's hard for me to let them come out right now because I keep looking at these recorders (the audio recorders used to tape the interview).
Round 8: Ferrazzo strikes back

Who's best at schmoozing?
N: You know what Dan is good at? Winning over Moms. Anytime my mom hears I brought him home to Lakeville, she loves it.
F: I just say things like, "Oh, this is such a beautiful house," because it is. I know how to butter people up, but I genuinely mean it.
Round 9: Ferrazzo wins
Final tally: Noehring 4, Ferrazzo 3

One final thing you need to know
Ferrazzo, who definitely channels Eddie Haskell, did take the time to be Noehring's very own hype man.

"Dan is probably one of the top-five most-liked people on campus," he said. "If I had any say, he'd be the Tommie Award winner. He's really nice to everyone and people respect that about him.

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