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Beyond Bounds: NFL Journal Entry No. 6 With D'Aundre Reed - Christmas Edition

D'Aundre Reed 640
(credit: Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

Editor's Note: Vikings' second-year defensive lineman D'Aundre Reed shares the ups and downs of being in the NFL — from working toward more playing time, to just getting used to Minnesota – for this season-long project. Entry No. 1 | No. 2 | No. 3 | No. 4 | No. 5

He stands 6-foot-4-inches tall and weighs 261 pounds, but 24-year-old D'Aundre Reed is a boy at heart.

Especially when the Vikings team holiday outing is Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America.

"The SpongeBob ride was my favorite," he said, unable to hide his grin.

The backup defensive lineman doesn't smile, however, when he thinks about how he didn't dress the past two weeks in a loss at Green Bay, and a win vs. Chicago.

Though he's seen diminishing opportunities on the field lately, Reed got a personal comment from the Vikings head coach.

"Coach Frazier came over to me and said, 'Be patient,'" Reed recalled. "And that's all I can do – be patient."

On his fledgling real estate business opportunities
We're just working on a few things. It'll be in Chandler, Ariz. It's still developing.

On dealing with Minnesota's first snowfall
I drive a Jeep SRT8, and it has so much torque that it spins out … even in 4-wheel drive.

On his favorite Christmas movie
"Home Alone" hands down. It's a family tradition to watch it. The scene where he slaps his face with the aftershave and screams? That's hilarious.

On his favorite Christmas song
"This Christmas" by Chris Brown. Definitely.

On his favorite Christmas gift, ever
It was a remote-controlled Grave Digger Monster Truck. There was a big box under the tree, and I knew it was the truck. My mom said, "No it's not," but I knew it was.

On his favorite winter activity
I snowboarded back in high school, and early on in college.

On his favorite Christmas delectable
My dad makes fried turkey. It's, oh, so good.

On his favorite Christmas tradition
Putting up the Christmas tree. I put up a 7-foot one in my place downtown. It was pre-lit, so it was easy.

On his Christmas 2012 plans
I'm going to try and go home for a day, depending on if the schedule allows, and what day we get off.

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