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Beyond Bounds: Athletic, Artistic, Academic & Winning The Game Of Life

Lindsey Hjelm (Dan Coquyt, Gustavus Sports Information)
Between her on-ice prowess, her off-ice benevolence and her academic prowess, Gustavus senior Lindsey Hjelm's the definition of success. (credit: Dan Coquyt, Gustavus Sports Information)

I can't believe
senior Lindsey Hjelm's success with what can only be explained as a successfully split personality.

Gustavus' all-time leader in penalty minutes is known the "Penalty Queen" around campus.

And yet the 2012-13 MIAC MVP doubles as the most benevolent member of the Gustie's hockey team.
(Gustavus hosts UW-River Falls at 2 p.m. Saturday in the first round of the NCAA tournament.)

Lindsey Hjelm Mug Shot
(credit: Gustavus)

"I always make a card for each girl on my team throughout the season," said the team's leader in points (27). "Telling them they can get around anybody, and that I notice their extra effort. Or maybe they're just down in the dumps, and I want to pick them up a bit."

The senior's squad has quickly followed the lead of the altruistic All-American – adorning girls' lockers are post-it notes and letters of earnest encouragement from one another.

I can't believe Lindsey Hjelm's array of academic prowess.

The bio major will head to medical school with an eye on multiple disciplines. But she's not just a science nerd -- she's an artistically crafty one, too.

"I have always loved art," she said. "It's something that's a relief for me. I like painting beautiful things such as flowers and bright colors. I also work with a little bit of abstract."

Before the native of North Oaks, Minn., heads to med school, she's eying a gap year that includes Teach for America.

I can't believe how Lindsey Hjelm manages her insane itinerary.

Her list of on-campus activities is so lengthy, it's surprising it doesn't include insomnia just so she can fit it all in.

Tri-Beta: A national biology chapter/club that includes her group hosting elementary children on campus to help show them what collegiate science is like.

Lindsey Hjelm Art
"I have always loved art," Lindsey Hjelm said. "It's something that's a relief for me. I like painting beautiful things such as flowers and bright colors."(credit: Lindsey Hjelm)

Gustie Greeter: First years are lucky enough to have Hjelm welcome them to campus during orientation.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Not only does she lead a bible study for her hockey teammates, but she's been a leader of the campus' FCA chapter, too.

Peer mentor: Once a week, the senior helps six students master their science material.

Cosmetologist (seriously): "I do all my teammate's nails, and my friends', too," she said. "They joke that if I didn't go to Gustavus, I would have gone to cosmetology school."

Oh, and she juggles a religion minor, and a studio art minor.

I can't believe the numbers Lindsey Hjelm has posted in four years.

92-14-8 and 62-6-4 – Gustavus' overall and MIAC record with her on board
26-0-1 – Gustavus' record in 2012-13
17 – Her roster number, the same one her father wore when he was an All-American leading Gustavus to a third-place finish in the NCAAs back in 1982.
4 – All-Conference honors
4 – MIAC tournament titles
3 – NCAA tournament fourth-place finishes
2 – Her team's national ranking
0 – The number of losses Gustavus has suffered this year

Lindsey Hjelm (Dan Coquyt, Gustavus Sports Information)
Lindsey Hjelm's seen her Gusties finish in fourth at the NCAA three straight years, and hopes to bring home the title this season. (credit: Dan Coquyt, Gustavus Sports Information)

But the number Hjelm doesn't have – and desperately wants – is the No. 1.

"This is the going to be the year we win it all – go big or go home," she said.

If Hjelm wants a national crown, it'll be hard for anyone to stand in her way – literally. She's listed as 5 feet, 9 inches tall -- but with skates it's more like 6 feet.

One more thing – Gustie skaters all sport handmade bracelets.

Why? Because Hjelm believes every one of her teammates deserve handmade momentos.

Can you believe this?

Actually, I'm finally starting to.


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