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Best Summertime Desserts In Minnesota

Summertime is here in Minnesota and we're in the thick of it now. After waiting what seems like nearly a full year for the sun to return to our great state, we're enjoying the outdoors and all that it has to offer. Sometimes, a cool summery treat is just the ticket. Here are some of the best places around the Twin Cities to stop in to to order a summertime treat. Ice cream, frozen custard, coconut banana cream pie and a bourbon and coke float made the list. To see what else you can get your hands on, read on.

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112 Eatery
(credit: 112 Eatery)

112 Eatery
112 N. 3rd St.
Minneapolis, MN 55401
(612) 343-7696
www.112eatery.com112 Eatery, located in the Warehouse District in Minneapolis, offers oodles of delicious choices for something sweet after dinner or for a late night date stop. Some of the desserts that are best for summer are the rum-soaked tres leches cake, the creamy coconut lime panna cotta or the banana creme eclair with caramel glaze. Pair any of these delectable dishes up with a cool cocktail, glass of wine or piping hot espresso and you're good to go. Head on over to 112 Eatery with your guy or gal in tow and grab two forks to share one of the yummy desserts.

Adele's Frozen Custard
800 Excelsior Blvd.
Excelsior, MN ‎55331
(952) 470-0035

If you find yourself in Excelsior on a hot summer day, perhaps you stopped at Excelsior Brewing Company up the street or you were enjoying the lake and now you're yearning for something cool and sweet, stop into Adele's Frozen Custard. Adele's has some of the best custard in town and the flavor options seem endless when you're standing at the counter trying to decide. With flavors like caramel cashew, banana royal, strawberry and cookie dough, it's hard to make a decision. Once you've picked your flavor, now it's time to choose a sandwich, waffle cone, shake, concrete mixer, etc. The options are endless.

Joans In The Park
(credit: Joans In The Park)

Joan's In The Park
631 Snelling Ave. S.
St. Paul, MN 55116
(651) 690-3297
www.joansinthepark.comJoan Schmitt and Susan Dunlop partnered up to bring us Joan's in the Park, and aren't we lucky? The team made up the menu to feature classic American fare with a twist. That's just what you will get when you order a plate on this menu. The desserts are no exception. After dinner, you can order up a scoop or two of Izzy's Ice Cream ($5) or the light and fluffy coconut banana cream pie ($9). These are just two items that can be ordered for dessert. If you're out with your girlfriends, order them both and share - you won't be disappointed.

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The Butcher & The Boar
1121 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 238-8888
www.butcherandtheboar.comJack Riebel's Butcher & The Boar and beer garden has been open and running for a while now (a 'while' in Minneapolis restaurant terms) and it's showing no sign of slowing down. On any given night, the place is packed. It's the perfect place for a date night or to stop in for a late night cap and dessert. Try the seasonal desserts of grasshopper pie with chocolate crumble ($8), s'mores with Doggwood Coffee ice cream ($8) or kill two birds with one stone (night cap and dessert) with the bourbon and coke float ($7). Is your mouth watering yet?
(credit: Isles)

Isles Bun & Coffee
1424 W. 28th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 870-4466
www.islesbun.comIsles Bun & Coffee is great place to order up an iced coffee, latte or tea on a hot summer day, but it's also  THE place to go in the Twin Cities for puppy tails. Puppy tails are a delicious cinnamon treat that are really great any time of year, and summer is no exception. Of course, you'll find some other tasty standbys at Isles Bun & Coffee, like caramel sticky buns and ginger cookies, but its puppy trails steal the show.

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Amber Ranzau lives on the edge of Uptown in Minneapolis and is a gal about town. She frequents the local restaurant scene, loves to support new and local businesses, follows the latest and greatest fashion and design trends, and she does all of this while working as an interior designer, spending time with her man, The Specialist, and taking care of her two goldfish Felix and Petunia and their tankmate Huey the Snail. Her work can be found at

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