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Best Places For Cloth Diapers In Minnesota

By Cortney Mohnk

The thought of using cloth diapers can elicit a strong reaction at first. They can seem overwhelming, time consuming and probably gross. But with a little more insight into why they are becoming increasingly popular, you may find that cloth diapering is something you'll want to explore. The cotton cloth is more comfortable and helps skin breathe naturally with fewer diaper rashes. The reuse is obviously more environmentally conscious and the relief on the wallet is nice as well. Intrigued? Here are a few of the top spots in Minnesota to try out cloth diapers.

Do Good Diapers
2808 N. Washington Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55411
(612) 990-2183

Do Good is a cloth diaper delivery and cleaning service, and they are all about making sure your baby's cloth diapers are 100% sanitized and super gentle on their skin. Do Good washes their diapers at least seven times in 160-degree Fahrenheit water. They also independently test diapers for pH balance, absorbency and bacteria. Their diaper selection runs the spectrum, including cloth pre-folds, hybrids, all-in-ones and even compostable diapers which are all dropped off at your doorstep.

Little Neetchers
5628 Grand Ave.
Duluth, MN 55807
(218) 628-7107

If you're not sure if cloth diapering is for you, this adorable baby store offers an introduction class at 4:00 p.m. every Friday. While there, check out the vast selection of diapering products. Little Neetchers has all-in-one cloth diapers in fun prints, plus diaper covers, inserts, prefolds, pocket diapers and training pants. Don't forget the accessories like wetbags, pail liners and environmentally safe detergents as well.

Lil' Tulips
216 Myrtle St. W., Suite A
Stillwater, MN 55082
(651) 300-4257

This Minnesota-born, family-owned baby boutique has plenty of options for stocking your cloth diaper supply. Order online and ship to your home, or drive by the store and they'll run your purchase out to you. Choose from a wide variety of super cute and comfortable cloth diaper styles, including washable swim diapers. Lil' Tulips also carries storage and clean up essentials to make cloth diapering easier and more convenient.

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All Things Diapers
Ham Lake, MN 55304
(763) 432-9263

Whether you are looking for a service to drop off clean cloth diapers and wash them when used, or you just need someone to pick up the cloth diapers you own to launder them, All Things Diapers can help. Choose how many pick-ups you'd like per week without having to commit to a super-long plan. This is really convenient for parents who typically wash their own child's diapers but anticipate a busy week or life gets in the way of doing their own laundry for a bit. Even though the company resides in Ham Lake, they deliver and pick up throughout the Twin Cities metro as well.

Moss Envy
3056 Excelsior Blvd.
Minneapolis, MN 55416
(612) 374-4581

Moss Envy is an eco-friendly store catering to the home and whole family. Their baby diapering selection includes organic cloth diaper covers, unbleached Indian pre-folds and snap-in pods.  Moss Envy also carries some items you didn't know you needed, like special sprayers to hose down soiled cloth diapers and potty seats. Add these and other goodies for you and baby to the store's baby registry.

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