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Best Halloween Costumes For Fall 2016

Looking for the perfect costume to steal the show at this year's Halloween bash? From your favorite bad guys, to childhood favorites to some new arrivals, you can't go wrong with any of these trendy ensembles!
Photo Credit: BILL WECHTER/AFP/Getty Images Photo Credit: BILL WECHTER/AFP/Getty Images
The Suicide Squad

With the release of the new film, highlighting bad guys that we love to hate, the Suicide Squad hosts an array of characters to choose from this Halloween season. The Suicide Squad will no doubt be one of the most popular costumes in 2016. Whether you're riding solo or with the whole squad there are options for everyone. Get Harley Quinn's look by purchasing fish nets, a studded belt, studded bracelets, a gold choker, blue and red shorts and a red baseball t-shirt that you can write "Daddy's Lil Monster" on. The costume is also available for purchase at Party City or Spirit Halloween stores. To complete the look purchase a wig or use white, pink and blue spray on temporary color fashioned in pigtails.


The unexpected comeback kid of 2016. With the release of Pokemon Go, this beloved 90's cartoon has won its way back into our hearts and phones. You may have even dressed as Ash or Pikachu as a kid! Get the whole family together and go as Ash, Misty, Pikachu and Charizard. Or throw it way back and go as everyone's favorite clumsy villains team rocket. Ash Ketchum's look is easy to recreate with a pair of jeans, converse, black t-shirt, a blue vest with white sleeves, green fingerless gloves, a green backpack and a red and white hat. Stuffed Pikachu optional.


Who ya gunna call? With the new all girl cast, anyone can be a Ghostbuster this Halloween! Whether you roll up to the Halloween party alone or with the team you will certainly have everyone shouting "Ghostbusters!" You can purchase this costume at a Spirit Halloween store or you can DIY by purchasing a tan jumpsuit (found on Amazon) and some fabric paint. To make the pack and proton wand use an old black back pack, cut off the fabric part so that you only have the straps and the back panel left, attach various black tupperware containers, print and glue on some danger/warning stickers or paint your own, attach some colorful electrical wires, paint a water gun black and attach to the back pack by using clear tubing that you can connect and cover with black electrical tape.

Photo Credit: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images Photo Credit: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images
Star Wars

You probably can't recall a Halloween where you didn't see a jedi, storm trooper or Chewbacca. However, with the release of the force awakens earlier this year we have a whole new array of costumes to choose from! Dress up as Rey, Finn, or if you're really creative BB88. If you feel compelled by the dark force you can go always go as Kylo Ren. You may be able to recreate this costume with black pants, black tunic, black tall leather boots, black belt, black gloves and a black cape. The mask and the tri tip lightsaber might be worth a trip to the Spirit Halloween store for the complete ensemble or for just the finishing touches.

Stranger Things

Netflix's newest show has quickly grown to hold one of the programs biggest fan bases. This feel good sci-fi drama not only kept us on the edge of our seats but also gave us an entire set of characters to fall in love with. Go as the whole gang, Eleven, or Joyce Byers and impress sci-fi fans with these easy to assemble costumes. If you're going as Eleven you'll need a blush pink midi dress, a white shirt with a peter pan collar to put underneath the dress, a navy blue bomber, knee high socks, white converse sneakers and we can't forget about the blonde shoulder length wig. Have a friend dress as Mike sporting a pair of jeans, white pumas, a navy and maroon rugby shirt, a khaki jacket, tan backpack and a calculator watch.

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