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Best Egg Rolls In Minnesota

By Linda Cameron 

In appearance, the egg roll resembles its cylindrical distant cousin, the wheat burrito. Culinary nomenclature aside, the egg roll is often egg free. Although different fillings are stuffed into the wheat or rice dough wrap, the egg is missing. The most popular filling is a meat and vegetable mixture, usually ground pork and chopped cabbage. If curious about egg roll making, sample some local egg roll delicacies and perhaps get a few recipes.

Eggroll Queen             
1010 Payne Ave.
Saint Paul, MN 55101

Got an egg roll question? Get answers from the Eggroll Queen. A family-owned business, Eggroll Queen sells homemade egg rolls and spring roll dipping sauce from a seasonal food truck. Eggroll Queen's jumbo-sized menu features dozens of standard and oversized egg rolls with vegetable, pork and chicken fillings. The pungent dipping sauce is sold in large and small bottles. Jumbo egg rolls come in meaty combos of pork and chicken with shredded vegetables. You can order standard-sized all meat or all vegetable egg rolls by the dozen, or combine standard and jumbo sizes. The party-sized combo is 4x4x4. The food truck rolls through in the spring. During the winter, Eggroll Queen harbors at Sui Yep Café. This iconic Twin Cities vendor can be contacted on the web, by phone and through Facebook.

Sui Yep Café   
1010 Payne Ave.
Saint Paul, MN 55101
(651) 776-9179    

Diners come here for the chow mein, but the egg rolls at this neighborhood café are neatly outstanding. The standard café egg roll, with meat and vegetables, has a light crunchy finish. But the vitamin egg roll garners equal attention for nutritious crispiness and flavor. For an interesting textural contrast, pair the café and vitamin egg rolls with the cafe's signature spring rolls.

Maiv's Egg Roll Basket       
1935 Beam Ave., Suite 104
Maplewood, MN 55109
(651) 773-4878
There are egg rolls, and then there are egg rolls. Maiv's egg rolls take on creative twists in flavors and fillings. In addition to the usual ground pork and veggies, there are steak, chicken, mushroom, tuna, seafood, tofu, avocado and cream cheese variations. The dessert egg rolls are a gastro sensation: hot banana coconut; apple; strawberry; triple berry; mixed fruit and  brownie chocolate. Holy cannoli, the brownie chocolate egg roll is a smash! Customers say they can't get enough. Maiv's regularly updates its egg roll and menu offerings. Located in the iHop Building, a few minutes from the Maplewood Mall, Maiv's has free Wi-Fi.

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Sweeney's Saloon    
96 North Dale St.
St. Paul, MN 55102
(651) 221-9157

If you thought the egg roll is strictly an Asian staple, the one at Sweeney's Saloon is Southwest inspired. Its substantial filling consists of spiced chicken, cheddar, caramelized onion and cilantro. This bar food appetizer comes with sweet and sour dipping sauce. Sweeney's Southwest egg roll can be paired with Sweeney's Tator Tot Kegs for extra stuffed goodness, or cheese curds and marinara sauce for a saucier kick.     

Que Viet Village House  
6100 Brooklyn Blvd.
Brooklyn Center, MN 55429
(763) 560-0215

This popular pho restaurant has a sister location in Minneapolis. Its handmade egg rolls, created from a simple home recipe, are second to none in taste. The moist and meaty filling consists mostly of ground pork and rice vermicelli. Que Viet's egg roll fish sauce dip makes the real difference. Que Viet Village has been a long-time Twin Cities fixture. The restaurant has one of those comfortable, laid-back settings.

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