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Best Dog-Friendly Businesses In The Twin Cities

I just moved back to the Twin Cities and am the proud puppy parent of a tiny Yorkie, Izzy. I used to live in a neighborhood in another state where you could bring your dog in nearly every business from coffee shops to boutiques and even patios. I wondered which businesses in the Twin Cities are dog friendly and have an "open paw policy" when it comes to allowing pets.
I got some help from the dog guru Ali Jarvis who founded She is the leading resource on dog friendly businesses here in the Twin Cities. She started her website in 2008 after her dog became sick.
"When Luc, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, became afflicted with an incurable neuromuscular disease and the vet said I would need to administer medicine every three to four hours, I thought I'd have to become a recluse just to take care of him," said Jarvis. "So I decided to try taking him with me instead. I started approaching the businesses on my errands and appointments and asking cautiously if I could bring him in. To my delight, the answer was often an overwhelming yes."
I've compiled this list with Jarvis' input, my favorites and some insight from our 'CCO viewers too. Since we know our pets are usually welcome in pet stores and pet boutiques, I tried to include businesses you normally wouldn't think you could take your dog to.

Here's to our pets!


Corazon Gift Shop

464 East Lake Street and 1026 Washington Avenue South
(612) 333-1662 and (612) 276-0198

Susan Zdon opened her store more than 5 years ago and had a revelation. She says people that own dogs are lovely customers. "I love dogs and people that own dogs," said Zdon. She devoted a section of her store to pet products and unique gifts for pet lovers. She has treats and also hosts a few events a year for people and their dogs. She welcomes pets at both of her store locations.

South Lyndale Liquors, Dogs, Dog Friendly Businesses
(credit: South Lyndale Liquors)

South Lyndale Liquors

765 West 53rd Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota
(612) 827-5811

Owner Dan Campo says his customers mourned after his beloved Saint Bernard shop dog Abbey passed away. He has another St. Bernard now named Tobias, and says 9 months out of the year, he commutes to work with Tobias in his motorcycle sidecar, and when customers see the sidecar parked outside the shop, they come in just to see Tobias. One of the store's cashiers is studying to be a vet tech, and the staff knows the dogs by name. The store welcomes all dogs and offers treats and water bowls.

Pairings Food and Wine

Pairings Food & Wine Market

6001 Shady Oak Road
Minnetonka, MN
(952) 426-0522

"Whine and Dine" with your dog. Owner Anissa Gurstel says, "Pairings' patio is dog friendly 100 percent of the time, however during the warm weather months we host "Yappy Hour" every other Monday night. During Yappy Hour we partner with Homeward Bound Rescue. With any cash donation to Homeward Bound we offer ourhuman guests discounts on wine, beer and Yappy Hour food specials. Bone Adventure pet retailers stop by with treats and goodies for all of the furry attendees. It ends up being an absolute blast."

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen

Multiple locations, check their website

Check to see if your local Dairy Queen offers "Pup Cups" -- a cup of soft serve with a bone. I called around to several Dairy Queens that do this. Karen Richardson of Eagan tells me the Dairy Queen in Eagan's Town Centre area offers free "puppy" cones of ice cream to dogs. She says, "I didn't know that our bichon Oliver liked ice cream until they offered him a cone!"


Clancey's Meats

4307 Upton Ave S
Minneapolis, MN
(612) 926-0222

Kristen Tombers wanted to create a place is where your dog "meats" heaven. She says the dogs are drawn in by the smells and leave with Solid Gold all natural treats. This Linden Hills shop sells meats from locally raised animals, and Tombers named the store after her grandfather's yellow lab. In this walkable neighborhood, they know many dogs by name and welcome pets while their customers shop.

Coffee & Tea Ltd.

Coffee & Tea Ltd.

2730 West 43rd Street
Minneapolis, MN
(612) 920-6344

A boost for you and your dog. Owner Jim Cone of Coffee and TeaLtd in Linden Hills tells us he offers "all our canine friends healthy dog treats. We haveseveral dogs who come just to see us and wait for their people. We probably see 25-30 per day." There's even a special Rhodesian Ridgeback Blend you can purchase that benefits Rhodesian Ridgebacks rescue, his favorite breed. He says tips are donated to Animal Ark.

Settergren Ace Hardware

Settergren Ace Hardware

5405 Penn Ave S
Minneapolis, MN
(612) 922-6055

Let your dog drool over tools right along with you. Settergren Ace Hardware is not only dog-friendly, but they have two valued employees - Jäger and Odis, who are Muensterlanders, German-bred hunting dogs. This story has been open since 1895, and the part of their success is man's best friend. They offer treats, and many of the customers come in just to see the shop dogs.

The Apple Store

The Apple Store -- Uptown

3018 Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55408
(952) 229-1460

This is for the tech savvy dog. Manager Giovanni Sáenz says most Apple Stores are dog friendly but it just depends on where they're located. "We're fortunate to be the only store in Minnesota that is outdoors and outside of a mall and being located on busy Hennepin Ave, we think we're a great destination for our customers with animals," says Sáenz. "We've even had cats in our store! We invite our furry customers with a bowl of fresh water at our store entrance that they are free to drink."

Nokomis Shoes

Nokomis Shoes

4950 34th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55417
(612) 724-1406

If the shoe fits, bring your dog along. Nokomis Shoes employees tell us they let anyone who wants to bring dogs in the store. With their location near Lake Nokomis and Minnehaha Falls, many of the customers are out walking with their dogs, and they know they don't have to leave their dog outside here.

Lucia's Restaurant, Dog Bar, Water Fountain, Dog Friendly Businesses
(credit: Ali Jarvis,

Lucia's Restaurant

1432 W 31st St
Minneapolis, MN 55408-2605
(612) 825-1572

The photo says it all. Lucia's has a dog bar -- a fresh water fountain for that urban dog. Their website says, "We opened our Dog Bar in 2008. All dogs are welcome, no reservations required and no fighting allowed." The patio is crowded during warmer months.

-Lindsey Seavert is a reporter for WCCO-TV.

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