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Best Creative Burgers In Minnesota

The creative burger craze may not have started in Minnesota, but the Twin Cities can easily claim to be the culinary capital of the stuffed burger. Both Matt's Bar and the 5-8 Club claim to have introduced it first. Matt's Jucy Lucy and the 5-8's Juicy Lucy have been around for decades and are now being copied throughout the area and nationally. The Jucy Lucy at Grumpy's, the Juicey Blucy at The Blue Door Pub, the Chubby Cheddar at Burger Jones and the Cajun Lucy at the Groveland Tap are but a few of the many copies of the stuffed concept. Read about many more bringers of burger bliss in the Best Burgers In The Twin Cities article featuring Vincent: A Restaurant, Convention Grill, The Bulldog, Northeast, Annie's Parlor, Bar Lurcat, 112 Eatery, Casper & Runyon's Nook, Ike's Food and Cocktails, The Lion's Tap and Monte Carlo. Here are the five more restaurants not yet mentioned but deserving of recognition as having the best burgers in Minnesota.

Mother of All Burgers 
B52 Burgers and Brew
5639 Bishop Ave.
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076
(651) 451-3838

Ingredients: Four half-pound patties, sliced cheddar cheese, two eggs, a half-pound of BBQ pulled pork, a pile of bacon and thin-sliced, deep-fried onion tanglers dished up on a 15-inch French loaf.

Eating contests, DJs, party buses, live bands, happy hour and Texas Hold 'em are just some of the high-energy events surrounding this gastronomic giant. There are many other far-out burgers on the menu but the most unique is the option to upgrade any burger to be made from a special cut of Angus beef named after Chef Pat LaFrieda. This captivating cookery is a blend of short rib, brisket and chuck.

5-8 Club Juicy Lucy
(credit: CBS)

5-8 Juicy Lucy
5-8 Club
5800 Cedar Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55417
(612) 823-5858

Ingredients: One half pound of beef stuffed with cheese and served hot. Patrons are cautioned to let the burger cool down after serving because the cheese inside is still molten hot.

The Juicy Lucy was created first by The 5-8 Club in the 1950s according to its history. The club has been around since 1928, originally opening as a speakeasy during Prohibition. The Juicy Lucy has been acclaimed "The Best" by local and national media.

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Matt's Bar Jucy Lucy
(credit: CBS)

Matt's Jucy Lucy
Matt's Bar
3500 Cedar Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55407
(612) 722-7072

Ingredients: Grill a lean ground beef patty with Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper until slightly charred on the outside so the molten core of American cheese in the center is almost vaporized into the meat. Top with diced onions and dill pickle slices and serve on a soft hamburger bun.

In 1954, a customer asked for two beef patties with cheese between them, according to Matt's Bar folklore. The customer said, "that's one juicy Lucy," and that was the beginning of a tale that gives credence to Matt's claim to authenticity and widespread respect as the best. Note the unique spelling of Matt's product.


Paul Molitor Burger
Shamrocks Grill and Pub
995 7th St. W.
Saint Paul, MN 55102
(651) 228-9925

Ingredients: Stuff an all-beef patty with pepper jack cheese and serve on a fresh, soft bun.

The Shamrock and her sister shop, Casper & Runyon's on Hamline Avenue, are attempting to satisfy Minnesotans' fascination with the stuffed burger by offering many more versions, and one of them is the crowd favorite Paul Molitor, known as "The Molly." The State Fair-class fresh-cut potato fries are worth the trip alone. Eat two Nookie Supreme double cheeseburgers and the fries and win a free t-shirt.

The Perfect Burger
Victory 44
2203 N. 44th Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55412
(612) 588-2228

Ingredients: Blend a patty of beef with flecks of frozen butter, then smack some salt and spices around it and cure it for a day. Dust a bun with flour and toast it on the grill until it is soft. Top the patty with bacon, a slab of sharp cheddar melting down the sides, raw onions sliced thinly, icebox pickles and Dijon mustard. The burger is served with bacon-flavored fries topped with Parmesan.

This meal for bacon lovers is one of few constants on an eclectic menu that changes daily—so much so, that it is written from scratch on the board every day.

The Helicopter Burger
Anchor Fish and Chips
302 13th Ave. N.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55413
(612) 676-1300

Ingredients: Form grass-fed, Minnesota-raised beef into a burger topped with Irish cheddar, Fischer Farms Ham and a fried egg.

A huge fan base makes it advisable to reserve a table well in advance if you want to get in on a busy night. It is unusual that a near-authentic British pub with award-winning fish and chips would have a distinctive burger. The Helicopter comes with real fresh potato best-in-Minneapolis fries. Unfortunately, Anchor's famous Food Truck has no burgers, only fish and chips and meat and vegetable pasties.

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Robin Johnson was born in Annandale, Minn. and graduated from Richfield High School and then the University of Minnesota where he studied Political Science, Business and Industrial Relations. A writer for, he also consults with a variety of organizations and individuals helping them develop and grow. His work can be found at

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