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Before Mankato Stop, President Trump Speaks At MSP, Promising Law And Order

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- President Donald Trump made a brief stop at the Minneapolis airport Monday during an aggressive campaign tour of the Midwest.

The president was expected to stop at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport before heading to Mankato and Oshkosh, Wisconsin in the afternoon. The president was slated to give speeches about jobs, the economy and Joe Biden, his Democratic rival in the November election. The president's tour comes as the Democrats hold their virtual national convention in Milwaukee.

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Speaking to his supporters in Minneapolis, Trump encouraged them to vote on Nov. 3 in the "most important election in the history of our country." He described Democrats as "crazed" and claimed that they wanted to destroy the country. He called the recent unrest in many U.S. cities "left wing violence," and promised law and order.

Amid the debate about defunding the Minneapolis Police Department, President Donald Trump spoke at MSP about his support for police.

"My heart is with also the great men and women of law enforcement, treated very poorly," Trump said.

In the brief visit at MSP Airport, local business owners spoke about their loss during from the riots that ensued in the days following the death of George Floyd.

"Due to the rioting that happened in the city our bar was burned down. We've got to start over," KB Balla, owner of Scores Sports Bar, said.

Trump proposed helping out the owners of Scores Sports Bar on Lake Street and other business owners who hope to rebuild. Last month, Trump denied a request from Gov. Tim Walz for money to help with the recovery.

"I called 911 over ten times without any response, all while watching looters damage by building and haul away product," John Wolf, owner of Chicago-Lake Liquors, said.

Trump chided Minnesota's Democratic leadership for not calling the National Guard sooner to quell the violence in the Twin Cities that left hundreds of business damaged and, in some cases, totally destroyed.

"We were calling, saying call up the National Guard, but they didn't want to do it. It's either pride or stupidity," Trump said.

"I pay a lot of taxes. In return there is an understanding the city protects me. I held up to my end. The city of Minneapolis didn't," Wolf said.

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Again, the president vowed to turn Minnesota red come November.

In 2016, Trump narrowly lost Minnesota to then presidential opponent Hillary Clinton. If he were to turn the state red this year, it would be the first time for the state in almost half a century, when President Richard Nixon carried Minnesota against Democratic challenger George McGovern.

Trump's visit to Minnesota comes among a number of pre-Republican National Convention stops in states some pundits consider to be "in play" this election cycle, including Wisconsin.

Recent polling has shown Wisconsin to be leaning Democratic, but with an even more narrow margin than in Minnesota. Trump won Wisconsin by 1% in the last presidential election. That swing state victory helped secure him the White House.

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