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Bee Venom Being Used As New Skin Treatment

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – When it comes to looking younger, a new treatment is creating a lot of buzz, and it involves putting bee venom on your face.

That's right, actual bumble bee venom. Prischmann Facial Plastic Surgery in Edina offers this facial and they call it the "Royal Treatment." That's because it's rumored to be a favorite of Kate Middleton, the Dutchess of Cambridge.

Some people will do anything to keep their skin looking young: Botox, fillers, peels and lasers have been all over Hollywood for years. But it is a princess who's popularizing a new cosmetic treatment.

Vanity Fair reported that Kate Middleton, the Dutchess of Cambridge put bee venom on her face before the royal wedding to stay looking youthful.

"The bee venom facial provides a mild inflammatory affect. It makes skin look plumper, increases tone and in extremely hydrating," said Dr. Jess Prischmann.

Prischmann, of Prischmann Facial Plastic Surgery in Edina, brought the treatment over the pond to the Twin Cities.

"We sourced bee venom from all around the world and brought it into the practice and went through a test period where we tested, what does the bee venom test from England feel like and what does the one from New Zealand feel like," Prischmann said. "We ultimately landed on the one from our practice, which is from New Zealand."

The facial starts with steam and cleanse, then an exfoliation and next is the bee venom mask. It sits on the skin for 20 minutes while the venom seeps into the skin. After the mask, rose petal toner is applied.

Lastly, this royal facial finishes with Kate Middleton's moisturizer straight from Switzerland.

"It feels very different than any other facial," said client Beth Hoffman, who first tried the bee venom facial on a whim at a girls night at the spa. "It's a plumping facial so my skin felt very plump, clean, the texture felt different."

There are no bee stings involved in the facial, but your skin may turn a bright pink during and after the procedure.

"It doesn't hurt, no. It's very relaxing. It's more of a tingling type of feeling," Hoffman said.

If you are allergic to bees, Dr. Prischmann says stay away from this service.

"The bee venom facial can be done at any time.  It's great for all skin types.  It's not for people who are allergic to bees but there's no down time, so it's a great pre-event facial," Prischmann said.

And while the royals may love this treatment, it's not going to completely eliminate your wrinkles.

"If you go online, you'll see that they say it's a natural alternative to Botox. I don't know if I would believe that completely, I think that's a stretch.  But women love it and that's what matters," said Prischmann.

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