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VIDEO: Beaver Spotted Strolling Through Downtown St. Paul

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Nearly four years ago, it was a raccoon scaling a building in downtown St. Paul that set the internet on fire. Now, another wild animal is the talk of the town.

MinnPost reporter Greta Kaul posted a video to Twitter of a beaver walking through Lowertown in downtown St. Paul Wednesday.

The video has since gathered over 100,000 views, inspiring hilarious takes on where the animal was going.

The St. Paul Saints replied, saying "it must have heard our hats came in today." Another Twitter user, Doran Wetzel, said the beaver was "making his way to the Lumber Exchange building. Got off at the wrong light rail station."

Star Tribune columnist Jennifer Brooks went for a pun and said, "Daaaam, St. Paul."

The Pioneer Press reported that witnesses called St. Paul Animal Control about the roving rodent. But it's unclear where it went.

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