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Rabid Bats A Concern After St. Paul Park-Goer's Hospitalization

BURNSVILLE, Minn. (WCCO) -- A Como Park visitor is now getting medical treatment after being exposed to a rabid bat last week.

After the bat was found, the Minnesota Department of Health says it tested positive for rabies, a potentially fatal disease.

"It is concerning," said David Lanza, who was at the St. Paul park Sunday with his children.

Keith Markun, the owner of Beast Wildlife Nuisance Solutions, says bats are rampant in Minnesota this time of year.

"Got a call today, couple of hours ago, a bat flying around inside a living area of a house," he said.

Most bats Markun finds are released back into the wild, but because the one he found Sunday was in a living space, it's on its way to get rabies testing at the University of Minnesota.

He says it's vital to get any bats who've been in a home tested, as some people get bitten by the mammal's tiny teeth in their sleep.

"You're not necessarily going to know you got bitten, some people just don't know," Markun said.

If a bat gets into your home, the best thing to do is quickly close off the room, close off the space under the door and call a professional, Markun says.

And if you're outdoors, don't touch them.

For more information on bats and rabies, click here.

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