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Bartender Stabbed By Customer He Was Trying To Help

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Instead of being at home with his young family, a bartender from the north Twin Cities metro area is in the hospital Monday. He says the customer he was trying to help stabbed him in the stomach.

The incident happened Friday night at Outtakes Bar at the Cinema Grill in New Hope. Two people were fighting, and four were wounded with a knife.

Video from the scene shows the bartender being taken out after being stabbed in the stomach.

Zach Pack has worked at Outtakes for six years. He said he saw the assailant punching someone while he was at work.

"So I grabbed him and tried to remove him from the situation. And I imagine what was going through his head he though maybe I was attacking him, and he turned around and tried to stab me right in the belly," Pack said. "I never saw the knife or anything. I felt like a weird, a strong, almost felt like I got kicked in the stomach cause of the pressure and then I felt it tingling and then I heard someone say "He's got a knife.'"

Pack has the wounds to prove it -- 38 staples, as well.

"I've worked in the bar industry a long time now and that's just what I do, try to help people out as best I can.  Just sucks this happened, but I don't want anyone to get beat up so just jumped in and helped out," he said.

He is hoping to go home soon to his family, including a 1-month-old son. He said one of the worst things about the incident is not being able to see his children for days in a row.

So far, friends of Pack's have pitched in $1,400 for his medical bills. If you'd like to help, click here.

Pack says he recognized the man who stabbed him as a usually polite regular.  Officers say they expect an arrest soon.

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