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Bail Lowered To $100K For Man Charged In 4th Precinct Shooting

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Two of the four men connected with the shooting of five protesters are still in jail after court appearances Wednesday.

The victims were protesting for Black Lives Matter outside the Minneapolis Police Department's 4th Precinct in November.

A judge decided to lower Nathan Gustavsson's bond from $250,000 to $100,000. Allen "Lance" Scarsella is the one officers say was the gunman. A judge decided today to allow him to be swabbed in the mouth for DNA evidence that could connect him to a recovered gun.

The shooting happened in late November. Protesters were camped outside of the 4th precinct demanding justice for Jamar Clark who was killed in a police shooting that same month.

Witnesses say the suspects verbally sparred with protesters. Scarsella told an officer he fired eight shots as they were being escorted away. Five people were hit -- they all survived. For one victim, life hasn't been the same.

As a parent there are lots of tough conversations, but this is one few parents have had to have. Cameron Clark's had to talk to his 3-year-old, Camille.

"She heard on the news that daddy got shot," Clark said. "She had shed a few tears, and she still ask me to make sure that Daddy's OK and everything."

Little Camille Clark heard the story people around the world have heard: Her father, Cameron, was shot while protesting the death of his cousin, Jamar Clark.

"I was running, I was hearing gunshots, and then I took one to the leg, and then I heard two more gunshots and I took one to the foot," he said. "Doctors kept looking at me so seriously, telling me how lucky I am about the bullet missing my artery by about a half an inch. I would've bled out there."

Clark and four others bear battle wounds that you cannot see.

"I'm very paranoid and I'm having these thoughts, these flashbacks," he said. "I don't trust no officer now."

Clark says he thinks about the four men accused in the shooting. Nathan Gustavsson is still in jail -- his bond reduced to $100,000 with a $15,000 cash option. Scarsella will be in for a while, as a judge said he could pose a risk to the public.

"If he is the shooter, I would like to wonder why," Clark said. "Why did you come down here to a nonviolent protest and shoot five black protesters? That's what I would like to ask them."

A Go Fund Me account has been set up for Clark to help raise funds for medical bills, legal and other fees.

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